Our Story

⭐️ L I T T L E 🥜⭐️

Born on the 7th May weighing 8lb 1, eyes open and screaming 😂

We should of known then that we were in for trouble 🙊

Little Peanut suffered with extremely bad colic up until she was 5 1/2 months old. She also had digestion problems and god that time was awful. She spent many nights screaming for 5 hours+ and me and Hayley were exhausted 24/7. I’m so glad that them times are over and now we have a teething baby instead 😂

My best friend at the time was travelling the world and I would send her updates of Little Peanut daily and her response to every picture would be “aww Little Peanut”. When Jay came back from travelling she continued to call her Little Peanut...thinking about it I don’t think she’s ever called her Lilly. Little peanut just stuck and now that’s what we all call her.

So, there it is Little Peanut Online is now what we are called. 


There's me (Naomi) on the right and Hayley on the left. Me and Hayley have been together nearly 3 years and whilst we are very different (I'm fiery and she's calm) we just attract like magnets, we fit like a puzzle and I get my own way (alot) so that helps too 😆

When I met Hayley , I had been living in Manchester for 10 years and she had lived in Staffordshire (let's not make it sound posh it's Stoke duck) all of her life. We just clicked but the commute was hard. Many hours were spent on the M6 trying to get to one another. So I decided to move in with Hayley as I was living in rented at the time and she owned her own place. That's where WE began. ❤

I have always had a passion for interior design in fact if you asked our friends they would probably say I'm quite OCD about it. I love the industrial look, things that are just beautiful in their natural state.

When we were gifted for our birthday a present made from cement I fell in love. No, it wasn't perfect but it was perfectly imperfect and that was it, I was sold. Convinced I could make creations that were different and people would want in their homes, I started months of hard work, lots of trial and error that nearly made me give up several times but I didn't! For that I'm proud.

If you have got this far, thank you for reading our story and I hope you will stick with us. More importantly, thank you for shopping small, like two mummies and a peanut small. You're what keeps us going. No like literally, we don't have to eat beans anymore ;)

Love the Little Peanut Family x